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Kinnie is a Maltese bittersweet soft drink produced by Farsons.

The term Kinnie drinker does not mean that the person drinks and enjoys Kinnie - that in itself is completely fine - but it is used to describe someone who enjoys the most cringy Maltese forms of media unironically and defends them wholeheartedly. Maltese television is full of soap operas and Maltese Facebook is filled with wanna-be rappers and people who think that the number of emojis present in their posts equals the amount of love they have for their partner.

People who enjoy watching or doing these things unironically are fully fledged Kinnie drinkers.
1. "John follows that wanna-be rapper Lofti Power unironically. He's such a kinnie drinker."

2. "Peter fangirls over those crap soap operas all the time. He's definitely a kinnie drinker."
by ajmazobbi June 18, 2018
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