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Kinkytoo: A wishy washy leftist tree hugging liberal. Very unpatriotic. Usually loves to tell everyone how he served in the military, but presents no proof when confronted. Huge supporter of Communist doctrine. Never has anything positive to say about the country he lives in, but wouldn't leave it because of the comfort it affords while he works to destroy it.

Never really sure who he is. Constantly changing his identity when people figure out his agenda to destroy freedom. Can't remember his last name or the next one he's about to use.
Kinkytoo:"Ya know I otta do like so many liberals in Hollywood and leave this cesspool of a country.'

Patriot:"I don't think I recall any of them leaving."

Kinkytoo:" Yeah I know but, I love to push your buttons. Besides it's comfortable here and the water's clean. Why don't you just leave instead?"
by G.W. Chimp December 15, 2006
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