A place where happiness dies and dreams are crushed into a million tiny fractals of what was once a happy child’s aspirations for the future. Negatives or c3 detentions will be issued for such dastardly offences; forgetting your pen,pencil,journal or conduct card;chewing gum; and god forbidden defiance. Students will not be punished for,bullying,being a dick,looking like a gypsy.
“Oh yeah she goes to kingswood academy
“That schools complete bullshit I feel sorry for her.”
by Kingswoodacademystudent April 16, 2019
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A high school where stuck up, rich, preppy, white, inclusive shit bags go to waste an education from some great teachers. Home to popped collars, tribals tattoos, and weed.
Hey, I went to a Kingswood-Oxford party last night. The guys all had their collars popped, the keg sucked, and all the girls where sort of sluts.
by Graduated Wyvern August 28, 2007
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The worst possible school to go after you leave your beloved primary. Everyone wished to go to winnifed holtby or any other secondary, but they were all full of lucky kids. Every student there who applied to go, has some kind of mental instability.
"Mum, what school did i get in to?"
"I'm sorry, but you got into kingswood academy."
*walks upstairs and blows brains out*
by Hibishesxø April 21, 2019
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