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1. An alpha male. Respected, great and loyal to friends.

2. Polyamorous, a passionate lover to those he loves. Has a hard exterior, yet an insight about life beyond others. Rarely lets people see him be vulnerable, and hides his kind heart from most.

3. High King of the Kingdom of Huntersmoon group on IMVU. Father of MANY in the Hunter's family. Yet, asks people to call him simply, Rae.

4. A wild and crazy Seawolves pirate on IMVU, who goes after the booty and gets it! Arrrrr!!!!

5. A shapeshifting Metamorph who draws strength from his Lycan heritage. A fighter, achiever, and Peacekeeper.

6. That guy is a total Rae, he just fought someone and then gave his heart to someone in need.

7. Someone who listens to the problems of others everyday. Then and only then does he try and assist in righting wrongs.
kingadmiraelhunter: Ahoy!

queenkittyhunter: Hello my love!

kingadmiraelhunter: So have which allies have ye parlayed with today?

queenkittyhunter: Kiss my furry white ass!

kingadmiraelhunter: SMOOCHES!!

queenkittyhunter: OOO
by drillthrall April 27, 2009
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