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1.A piece of jewelry so ostentatiously expensive that it is fit for royalty.

2.A weapon (or any other object) that is incredibly important and hidden from sight (in reference to King Tut's hidden tomb).
Casual: Rolls gold, King Tut Piece, flooded with boulders..

Ghostface Killah: Oh shit! Bookhead, just bought a 5, G had a King Tut Piece
by Logos2 November 24, 2008
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noun: enormously HUGE phallic object
verb: the act of taking someone to task with above stated phallic object
adjective: Someone who behaves as said phallic object or a very BIG deal
Noun: Man, I saw this flick where a chick took a king tut piece in her asshole!!!! It was the size of a forearm!!

Verb: Ol' girl got a "F" on her term paper...yeah the professor really gave her the king tut piece.

Adjective: Richard is such a tut piece!!!
Man, Livia's party is going to be the KING TUT PIECE!!! I'm talkin' five freaks to each guy!!!
by aledros July 11, 2006
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