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This is the ice cream hot spot off of rt. 100 in Somers, NY. It has been a historical place filled with memories for any one who lives remotely close to the area. People from Somers, Katonah, Bedford, Yorktown, Mahopac, North Salem, Ossining, PoundRidge, and many more travel to this small crappy looking shack on the side of the road for the BEST ice cream in the world. At any point in the day there are cars lined up on the side of Rt. 100. Once the sun goes down and its time for an after dinner treat, King Kone is the place to go. At around 8 oclock during the summer, this rustic little ice cream shop has a line half way down the road. There isnt enough parking spots so people tend to make their own either at muscoot retaraunt or across the street at the 7/11. It has not only the best ice cream but great service and many other things on the menu that would make anyones mouth water. I recommendation to say the least. and if you arent in a range rover or poursche it doesnt matter, people from all kinds are welcome and do socialize at this local ice cream bar. If you drive by and dont see a school bus filled with kids and about 20 cars outside and people all over the property it must be closed.
What do you want to do after dinner dude?
-Lets go to King Kone obviously!

I can really go for some icecream right about now!
-King Kone it is.

We won tonight!!! can we please stop at King Kone coach!??
by wafflechips4life August 17, 2009
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