n. 1. King of Dirty Old Men

2. Kingdom of Dirty Old Men

3. A DOM that encourage other man to transform from closet pervert to a proud DOM.

A man with the dirtiness that can out DOM the rest of the DOM. Basically the leader of all dirty old men. To be a King DOM you gotta be witty as well on top of plain dirtiness. He has to be able to crack dirty jokes subtly or straight up vulgar.

It can also be referred to as the circle of DOM, their kingdom.

Their activities includes but not limited to perving at females and male, thinking about sex all day, watching porn, making dirty jokes, masturbating, fucking, stealing women underwear as collections, butt pinching and whatever they can get.
Girl at backyard: My underwear are stolen again!

DOM: What a haul! We added lots of collections today!

King DOM: Well done guys, *rubbing the bra on his face* let's move on to the girl school next!
by Delinger February 25, 2011
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