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1. Any action which has the sole purpose of "rocking the cradle."
2. A slang term to describe people who prey on younger aged partners for intimate gratification.
3. Often times, the act of a hairy chested man in his early twenties. Common in the southern U.S.
Hey Gardner, why don't you get over here and leave that young girl alone. You are such a freakin' kindercare. I should dirty sanchez you!
by that boy was me! March 25, 2005
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The act of dating or having sex with a person who is 17 by a person over the age of 18. The term derived from the word kindergardener and was formed because typically 17 year olds need to be cared for in adult situations such as keg parties. 17-year-olds are rarely discrete.

This term can be used to describe the act of dating a 17-year-old, the person dating the 17-year-old, or the 17-year-old.

Did Weasley really kinder care last night at the party?

Listen kindercare, you can have a say in what movie we watch when you are old enough to vote.
by Allisaur December 09, 2007
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