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is someone who is very fun to be around and will randomly blurt out words when it is too quiet. If you attempt to talk to a Kindahl, be very careful. She has strange opinions and is never afraid to speak them. When mad, a Kindahl unleashes her Indian roots and is not afraid of smack-down. A Kindahl often suffers from a mild case of scoliosis, due to her elongated limbs. She is a kind person, pretty crazy and random, but an awesome friend. A Kindahl is a tall, skinny, Indian. She is muy caliente y muy bueno. Guys like her even if she thinks they don't. She's truly unlike no other!
Why anyone wouldn't want to befriend kindahl is beyond me.

Better not wear any socks around that kindahl, she's pretty good at rockin' em off!

Dude.... you better not make that kindahl mad... or she'll scalp you.
by mexi1mexi2 January 01, 2010
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