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Legendary Korean singer. He holds a national record in South Korea and a spot in the Guiness Book of World Records for the highest selling album in South Korea, with his third album, Kim Gun Mo 3. It sold 3.3 million copies in its release year, the equivalent of 100 million copies here in the United States.

He's been active for 16 years, and has released 12 albums. His most famous songs are "Ping Ge" (Excuses), and "Jal Mot Doen Man Nam" (Wrongful Meeting), among others. Though his pinnacle of popularity was 1994-1996, he is still extremely popular in Korea.

He is known for his unique, high voice and his extraordinary range. He also a renowned pianist.

The sad thing about it is, he can't even find a wife. Ironic much?
Kim Gun Mo is a very talented singer.
by skyclaw441 August 31, 2008
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