Killa City is a nick name given to Kansas City, Mo for having dangerous streets.
In Killa City Yall get ya Face Pilled Back
by King64110 April 13, 2005
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Kansas City Missouri or Killa City Misery known for being the most violent city in america (not the most murders)but for most rapes and attacks and shootings "youll get shot but we aint got any target practice so youll live!"people get shot every day but there alive"
A Prostitute just stole my car then i got jumped on Prospect i came home and heard gun shots Killa City keeps pullin me back.
by Dj Trims January 22, 2008
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This term is used to (re)define "Kansas City", using the initials "K.C.". In the Fat Tone song (the Killa City rapper murdered in a deadly, 2-way dispute with rival Vallejo, CA. rappers) he says "...he started calling..." "Kansas City": "Killa City", due to so many of those he knows being "knocked off". If this is merely a use of flamboyance, or a literal, and legitimate claim by Fat Tone, this author may not say. The use of an "a" on the end of "Killa" is a typical, trademark spelling, and pronunciation often employed by urban individuals, especially in rap culture... Eg. Nigga, Brotha, etc.
Shit be jumpin' off in Killa City... If you are in it, you best be packin' yo' hitter, else you gonna get yo' head blowed right da fuck off, nigga!
by 18thAndCentral August 30, 2018
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Killa' City Kush (LA Pure Kush x Bubblegum) is the creation of 420Underground Genetics and is one of the most potent marijuana strains out there today. Killa' City Kush is definitely not for the faint of heart average joe smoker.. It was named after the hometown of the breeder who grew up on the dangerous streets of Kansas City which earned the nickname "Killa' City" for being one of the most dangerous cities in the US.
Yo dawg, my boys scored a nugg o dat Killa' City Kush and we was blazin all night.
by Forte Blunt October 13, 2011
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