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A rare but incurable illlness, often picked up in the Manhatten area of New york (yet also widespread in Brooklyn and suprisingly Connecticut) particularly affecting rural, uppper-middle class Brits.

Symptoms include raving politcal swings (almost exclusively to the far-right), inappropriate sexual outbursts, uncontrollable urges, vastly improved vocabulary (which they are ever too willing share), near limitless (but unfounded) belief in their political ability and progression into a (self-confessed) economic superior.

Strangley they also appear to believe thay have instantaniously obtained the ability to speak ancient Greek (which is of course untrue) and become ever more detached from the 'real world', instead chosing to reside in their own personal bubble of vaguely 'Thatcher-esque' views, chat-roulete and a long, but sad, internet history of US senate protocols.

There is no proven treatment however sufferers are advised to keep well away from swimming pools, copious quanties of alcohol and tents.
Many members of the conseervative party in the Uk have been accused of alluring towards the notorious 'KillB', however due to the lack of scientific eveidence and varying political and press positions on the matter no conclusive decision has ever been aggreed upon.
by Bazina October 12, 2011
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