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"Kill the Carrier" is a childhood game of tag involving an object that is held by the "it" kid until he is tackled and forced to give it up.
Rules of play: The kid who has the ball (or stick, or balled up shirt, or whatever object is used) is "it" and therefore the "carrier". The rest of the kids chase the "it" kid down until they are tackled (usually in a dog pile fashion). They then toss the object away where the other kids gather around it and wait to see who has the guts to pick it up and start running. The game is usually played within an agreed to bounds, usually one persons yard. This prevents the game from becoming a foot race. There are no scores and no one "wins". It is a childhood game of bravado designed to blow off energy.
The old lady next door used to come outside and yell at us for playing kill the carrier in her yard.

This is the same game as smear the queer
by mechAngel June 08, 2010
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