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A game played with your bros, usually 3 or 4 of them while in the car, walking somewhere or just chilling . The game consists of one person asking Kill 1 Marry 1 Fuck 1 and saying 3 girls names from your school or workplace. The others then answer by saying who they would kill marry and fuck. After everyone has gone, the person usually to the right of the 1st person goes and picks 3 more and the game continues. Any number of people can say the same combination of girls and explain their reasoning of their choice. Remember its only a game for you and your bros if played with acquaintances or just regular friends its not as good. NEVER BRING IT UP WHILE WITH A GIRL!
Ex. 1
*Walking to B Stop Pizza*

John- Alright boys Kill 1 Marry 1 Fuck 1. Lisa, Emily, and Jess

Erick- Definitely Kill Emily Marry Jess and Fuck Lisa.

Danny- No way bro! Fuck Emily Marry Lisa Kill Jen

Zach- Dude I'd have to go with Danny, Jess is a major bitch.

Ex. 2

Zach- Fuck Me.

John- Shit man what happened?

Zach- Well me and Kayley were bored and we wanted to play a game so without thinking I asked her Kill 1 Marry 1 Fuck 1 and named off her friends and when I tried to explain it to her she bitch slapped me and broke up with me and now we can never chill with that group of girls again.

Danny- Your a fucking dumb ass dude! that was a completely asenine thing to do!! I just got a text from Melissa and shes breaking up with me because Kayley told their group about that shit!
by MethodMan3 February 26, 2011
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