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Definition of KIJIJIDIOT

1. Usually offensive: a person who excessively wastes ones time by calling/emailing/texting to schedule a specific pickup time for an item sold on Kijiji and will never ever ever show up.

2. : a foolish person that is afraid of human interaction and would rather “virtually” own your useless shit.

3. : a foolish person that will offer you half of your asking price, not because it’s worth half…but because they have calculated half for their specific offer.

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Middle English, from Anglo-French Cahjijiydiote, from Latin idiota ignorant person, from Greek idiōtēs one in a private station, layman, ignorant person that decieves, from idios one's own, private; akin to Latin suus one's own
1. Don't be such an kijijidiot and tell me you are coming at 530pm sharp only to never show up or ever answer your cell phone/email EVER again.

2. <only an “kijijidiotee” would fall for such a scam twice in a row from the same person.
by Jeff Scratch January 15, 2013
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