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An absolute legend. The legend of legends. Sort of person who can totally finesse a tesco meal deal while wearing a Burberry scarf and knows their way around a nandos meal. Has a love for juicy ass and an appreciation for muay thai dick.
Person 1: Eyyy I heard that Keesha has a new lad.
Person 2: Yeah! He's a top notch guy. What a Kiichi!
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by Refaed December 04, 2018
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The biggest n00b you will ever meet. He's known for being somewhat nice to women, although he is a complete nerd, and sometimes perverted. Makes very lame jokes. Uses a lot of weird gestures.

Frequently throws tantrums through stomping and screaming.
Oh my gosh, Kiichi is such a perv. . .

Dude, did you see Kiichi throw a tantrum for getting a 90 in the latest history quiz? sigh *throws tantrum* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHSHASFAIAFHANDFHAFEJAE
by thatwaslegitness January 16, 2018
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