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a type of person who can adapt to lifes urban settings like a chameleion and sucessfully blend in so well they advance highly. Or people who can do things that make people question the possibility of what they done
Guy1;"yo homie that guy must be a Kifner" i bet he could walk into the casino and walk out with the deed to it."
"yeah last week i saw another Kifner workin at walmart and he got promoted to store manager in 3 weeks"

Guy3:"isnt that impossible?"

Guy:1 "nah man my girl is a kifner because she went to the bank with 5 bucks and walked out with 200"

Guy2:" wow i wish i knew how them kifners do buddy dog is a kifner..he locked it in the batroom and it was in the living room 10 minutes later.

Kifners practicly magicians
by darlingzee July 12, 2010
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