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A not so well known sex act in which the male gets his ass throttled by a well-hung ladyboy until the latter's penis is covered in wet fecal matter. The ladyboy then proceeds to smack the male's face five times creating a fecal star image similar to that found on the Vietnamese flag. After this is done, the male then finishes the job until the ladyboy ejaculates on the male's dinner. The newly made "sticky rice" is then consumed by the male to finish the ritual. This act is very popular in the Vietnamese communities of Pinellas Park and is believed to have been invented by a pioneer of the same name.
"Man that girl is hot."

"Fuck girls man, I wanna pull a Kiet Ngo on a ladyboy."
by MrKKK September 24, 2008
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similar to the donkey punch but instead of the feces falling to the ground, the partner eats every single piece of feces regardless of the density or amount.
Man o man, My boyfriend pulled a Kiet Ngo last night. There was feces all over his mouth
by rob March 08, 2005
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