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Sassiest mf. Hella super funny. Tall as hell. Them brows tho. Member of Ravenclaw.
Damn Kiegan, stop being a twat.
by StupidassWatsky November 07, 2016
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A amazingly beautiful girl who is insecure about herself even though she in absolutely gorgeous. She has legs for days and for some reason tends to be friends with people with the name Marlo. She also is the girl who is asked out 3 times a week but denies everyone cause she just wants to hang with her girls. She is very smart and particularly thrives at social studies and language arts. Even though she isn’t particularly good a math she works on it and ends up fine. She is very outgoing and athletic even though she sometimes is quite. Not the jealous type and loves school. Overall she is lucky to have and A INCREDIBLE PERSON
Randy: did you see kiegan today?!

Josh: oh damn yeah she stunners!!
by Snappyturtle1234 February 06, 2018
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