Show on Comedy Central based very loosely (and I mean loose) from Hollywood great: Robert Evans' personal experiences
Robert Evans is Kid Notorious
by finaljedi November 27, 2003
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Some animated show that appears on Comedy Central, right after South Park. Basically features some producer guy who is always strapped for cash, causing him to invent the wierdest ideas for a play or movie. He is also accompanied by his pet cat, his butler, and his maid.
The MAFIA paid a visit to Kid Notorious's house, and threatened to break his kneecaps for not paying up the $5 million he owed them.
by AYB October 31, 2003
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Kid Notorious is God.
Hey KN, wanna go play?

No, I am busy parting the Red Sea and turning water into wine.
by Talking Llama March 21, 2005
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