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Nickname/description of a young professional that has no idea how awkward they are in the workplace or other social settings. Frequently exhibited in technical fields such as engineering. Behaviors include: carrying on uncomfortable conversations, long-winded emails that talk in circles, stalking co-workers without making contact, staring at people, and peaking around corners.

Every office likely has one 'Kid Autism', though not often to a degree that it noticeably affects their ability to interact with co-workers.

The condition does not required actually being diagnosed as clinically autistic; any combination of unusual behavior or lack of understanding social protocols will serve as an adequate basis for attribution of the nickname. Intended to be only mildly insulting, but more generally a term of endearment.
Ollie: The other day 'Kid Autism' sneaked up on me and stood in the door of my cubical for 5 minutes staring at me until I happened to turn around. He said he didn't want to "bother me".

Jerrod: He is one creepy little f***er.
by Mr. Nakajima April 30, 2013
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