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1) Any human being which inspires utter disgust, loathing, violence and/or relating to any emotion or reaction associated with a passionate hatred of said individual.

2) A person who, by his very rudeness, smelliness, lack of intellect, lack of sensitivity, affinity for one's mother, or any other negative quality a human being can possess, effects a violent reaction (including, but not limited to, spitting and kicking in the crotch) to an incontrollable hatred conjured up by an individual who comes into contact with the depraved being known as Kid That I Hate.

3) Anything you want to spit on or kick in the crotch.
WHAT! Kevin had sex with my mom last night! That damn Kid That I Hate!

(USAGE NOTE: All letters in the phrase must be capitalized to indicate extreme hatred)
by Matt January 18, 2005
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