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Small dog or miniature dog which will incessantly bark at any new people or strange object. The annoyance will typically trigger a field-goal like response from the closest persons dominant leg.
Jenny's new dog wont stop barking at me, its becoming so annoying, all I hear when it barks is kickme, kickme.

Bob's miniature poodle is a kickme, it barks at everything and everyone.
by bozajeski February 08, 2010
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A sign, usually a Post-it, put on someone's back that says "Kick Me." People may take it off and show it to the victim, or kick the person. Often varied with "Kick my ass," "I'm a retard," etc.
Tony kept wondering why everyone was kicking him... then he found the "Kick Me" sign on his back that Jose had left.
by Triple Seven December 04, 2008
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