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Take away the handicap/Do it your way.

This comes from highschool football(American) when the extra point is about to be kicked. Some highschools use a tee to hold the ball after it's snapped, although most do not. If a kicker doesn't want the tee, he asks his coach to remove it and kick it as it was meant, off the ground.
Coach: Go ahead and kick it.

Kicker: What's the holder putting on the ground?

Coach: The tee you're going to kick off of.

Kicker: Really?

Coach: Fine, kick it off the ground.


Person1: Let's go through the mall, it's quicker.

Person2: Fine, kick it off the ground.


Golfer A: I'm not going to use a handicap, but you can.

Golfer B: Fine, you go ahead and kick it off the ground. I'm taking the strokes.
by NeonFlame126 September 28, 2009
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