A game played to test the personal threshold of pain. Also known as "Kick me in the Jimmy" Or "Jimmy Kick". The male seeking to master pain tolerance will ask another person to "kick me in the jimmies." That person will then kick the kickee multiple times in the crotch. The kicking only ceases when the kickee (one being Kicked) gives in.
Stevo from jackass asked an entire fourth grade school class to line up and kick him in the jimmy one by one, as hard as they could. They kicked and kicked, "Kick me in the jimmies!" he cried.
After 14 kicks, a skinny, blond girl ran up to him and smashed her foot into his crotch as hard as she could. A soft crunch was audible as Steveo sunk to the ground with a whimper.
by Sabrina66 October 24, 2007
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