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Pronounced as Kuroom, this name is based in the Middle East and is given to pure souls that embody happiness. Khurum is unforgettable, he/she leaves his mark in your life one way or another, no matter how small a portion they were apart of it. Khurum can just simply arouse people to follow him/her, their charisma along with an unforgettable charm makes it impossible to say anything less than what they want. They are humble beyond belief, holding their tongues to themselves unless there is trouble. Khurum doesn't care about relationships or any companions, to them they are phases and temporary people. It's rare if Khurum falls in love; they will love whomever forever, no matter what. A passionate lover, a passionate kisser, ambitious, an enlightened being, and a loyal friend. That is who Khurum is.
He never stops smiling, I bet his name is Khurum!

Why does it feel like I'm Khurum right now! I'm so happy!
by King of the Fall July 24, 2014
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