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The way hot cuban moms spell the name Christian. Also Khrischens are below average height slutes. If you see a Khrischen you will probably not realize how much older they are than you. Because of their age deception they get the most bangin babes (babe applies to both genders). They probably go on unnecessary diets to lose phantom weight (weight that never existed to begin with). Khrischens also conspire a lot when snow is on the ground.
"Oh shit it's snowing, watch out for that slute Khrischen."
"Khrischen stop bragging about your phantom weight you slute."
"Khrischen's mom is so hot it doesn't even matter that she spelled his name wrong."
"Khrischen gets hot babes cuz he's such a slute cougar."
by I Make Pussy Hard December 18, 2013
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