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An unfortunate event that may occur only on Halloween to an unlucky individual who has decided to combine the effects of alcohol, candy, and costumed activities. They will normally attest to having no idea that they had partaken in a Khondaker, but really, they enjoyed it. May secretly attempt a second go at it in a week, but without combining all of the causes, will come up just short. Side effects include having a fat chick harassing you for a month and a pimple...... on your ball sack.
Friend 1: Wow, this Halloween party is great, everyone is having a great time!

Friend 2: I'm sure Parker is having a good time now, but when he wakes up and finds out he pulled a Khondaker his penis will shrivel up like a frightened turtle.
by Yogi Bear > Park Rangers July 27, 2009
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a big WHORE. One that sleeps with almost anybody...such as parental units.
He's a khondaker. I hate khondakers like him. Yuck. Nasty-ness.
by james russ March 07, 2008
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