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he goes hard. he has a mixtape " THE WORLD IS A CARTOON!" RT DA LINK! :) he always says that, hes 'better known as the character zero' (from holes) basically hes good at everything. he likes to have sex and drink Monsters simultaneously. it can happen, only he can do that. he is also slightly obsessed with "leggins" on girls. whatever floats his boat is okay with me.

also, follow him on twitter. @khleo_t
As Katie Glancy and Cassidy Bliss drove through their hometown, they blasted their favorite song, a Khleo Thomas original Toot It And Boot it, and rolled down the windows for the whole town to hear.
by @KatieJonas18 January 24, 2010
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the sexiest negro on the planet of the earth other than lil fizz.he is basicly bow wow's side kick but is a way better rapper than he is.he deserves to be put into the spt light instead of bow wow.
khleo thomas is a better rapper than bow wow
by barney sunshine February 15, 2009
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