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Origin: Pahlavi Language Which is middle Persian language used in Sasanian Empire (224-651 AD)
Meaning: Testicle. An informal and mostly impolite, humorous way of talking about male's testicle. Also, a rarely used alternative of egg which is used in some dialects and also old Persian literature.

Khayeh mal : Someone who enjoys flattering. In literal terms, it refers to someone who rubes someone else's testicle in order to pleasure him.
Khayeh Dashtan: Being brave and fearless.
Khayeh - am dard mikoneh : My testicle Hurts
Khayeh mali nakon : Stop flattering
Khayeh dari boro jelo : If you are brave (dare) enough, then go on (facing a dangerous situation)
by irjj69 November 10, 2018
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Khayeh (Arabic) ; Brother (English)
Is Used by the majority of the Lebanese community and is used heavily in the suburb of Arncliffe, Sydney , NSW, 2205.
Some other people from other various backgrounds say it.
Moey : "Lak shu khayeh"
Omar : "Shu cuz , you wanna hang out at westfields tonitght"?
by TOFTB. ;) December 06, 2011
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Noone still knows wether it is the balls or the dick itself but it could mean both
Imma put my khayeh into your mouth you bitchass
by Aaaaamiiiin December 22, 2018
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