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Arsehole. Like, absolute cunt. Hope he chokes on a donkey dick. The fucking dingle.
"Fuck dat nigga Khaver, he needs to die."
by Johnnyfromdonny12345 January 17, 2017
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If you know someone called Khaver then he has a name that nobody can fucking pronounce. He will have have fond memories of his teachers taking the piss out of his name. (His name is pronounced Car-ver if you still don't have a clue). He is a lad to be around, he will always be having a laugh no matter what, he loves taking the piss out of some people but can also be a boring pile of shit because he is sometimes too mature for his age. He is an extremely loyal friend. He is a quiet person when you first see him, but after you know him he is a good friend and you know you will always have a laugh with him. You are extremely lucky if he is your best friend.He can be easily amused by the smallest things and is left bemused by some things. If he has a girlfriend he will always treat her right, will be the classic relationship goals type of guy, and be a proper gentleman. Nevertheless, he'll be a lad when he's with his mates. He loves watching boring shit like Top Gear, NCIS, Babestation. He also loves masturbating (the horny fuck). He cares about others more then he does himself, he has many energy drinks to make him more giddy then a pedophile in a nursery, and can sometimes be one hell of a fucking lazy bastard. He knows a lot of people, a lot of girls that'll suck his dick all day, but he won't be a 'lad' and let them suck his dick as he has standards. He enjoys the little things in life, whether it be his mate's small dick or his own massive fuckin' schlong .

Teacher: I'm sorry if I pronounce anyone's name wrong.
Okay, let's start with the register. K- Karvar.... How the fuck am I supposed to say this?! Who is this Kay-ver? You better not fuck about in my lesson because you have a name that's harder to pronounce then a Ethiopian piece of shit trying to find food! Get the fuck outta here!!!
by UrbanDickUser1234 May 07, 2016
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