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A person who seems very mean but once you get to know he's genuinely very nice. He cares for family although he does fight with them at the end of the day he still loves them. If you say something he doesn't like to him, he will automatically want to fight you so be careful. He often tries to have the last word. He hit others but hates it when others hit him, so be careful. Even tho he may be mean on the exterior he's very nice,funny,goofy,caring, and always jumping around. You can either become a friend or an enemy to Kharlif. So choose wisely.
Person: Kharlif is so stupid
Kharlif: What you say? Come fight me then.

Sister: Hey Kharlif
Kharlif: Hey Des wanna play the xbox with me?

Friend: Wassup dude
Kharlif: Wassup let's go play
by BTSΓ—Army-Forever June 12, 2018
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