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An oft loud-mouthed and arrogant person, which holds no regard for the personal well-being for people who are not physically appealing, as well as mentally stimulating.

see arrogant,conceited,vain for further details.
"God, you're such a Kharix you fucking bastard.
by Kharix April 22, 2005
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kharix is a very helpful person, she always listens to her friends problems and try’s to sort them out
she doesn’t often talk about her problems because she loves to listen

kharix is a very beautiful and high spirited person who always finds a way to make others laugh

if u have a kharix in your life value her because she can go month without talking to someone so be careful
person 1: guys i’m so upset

person 2: wait, let me call kharix
by top.definitions December 12, 2018
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