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1. A demon from the chaotic pits, once related to the sinister battles of the Sin War; Once proclaimed as Brother of Satan, Khannor overtook and corrupted rogue angels from the Utopian fields of Heaven. Khannor is best known for his ties with Lucifer, for he is the renound "Ghost of Hell," reaping destined souls for Hell.
Khannor took several shards from the broken crystal called Tharfist(which once resided in current-day Ireland), and was ordered to scatter them across the world in order to prevent the Angels from uniting them to protect Earth from the dark. He scattered them, as this is what is said in folklore to be the cause for all the corruption in current-day countries. Lucifer and Khannor placed the largest shard of Tharfist in current-day America, before Christ's birth, which is believed to be the reason why corrupt leaders are germanated from this country. The shards have yet to be found, but it is believed that the "Choker of Khannor," that he wore throughout his life, was broken after his death by the ArchAngel Gabriel. The pieces are believed to be the diamonds found in Africa, which is where he was slain, in the Garden of Eden under the now blanketed Sahara Desert. Khannor was a gargantuan warrior, as he rode a black horse with crimson eyes and weiled a sword that he called "The Wraithbane."
by PGII April 09, 2007
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by KC girl 25 January 12, 2016
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