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1) To make someone hyper. (adj : Khandelized)
2) To dissipate energy equivalent to the amount of energy spent in sex sessions by simply talking and movement of neck in a clumsy way.
3) To be acutely impatient and frustated at the same time.
4) To think of multiple things at the same time and doing all of them together. (Being Khandelized)
1)When having sex, she farts and then you yell at her "Khandelize me not!!!"
2) You have done great in the exams and expect to be a topper in the class, the results are out and you have just passed, "The results khandelize you."
3) You are dreaming,you are working,you are snoring,you are giving speech, you are bungee jumping, you are checking out chicks, "Khandelize your self."
by cobbywobbles May 07, 2011
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