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Khamual describes any atheist douchebag who goes around trying to act intelligent but just comes off as a prick who fails all the time. Also describes any disturbed person who wears sunglasses while shaking their head left to right as they play Lord of the Rings and wank of to Frodo whilst simultaneously shouting out, "Pwn me butthorn, you're my worst nightmare!"

So named after a user on a forum that is now defunct.
Guy1: "God help us! It's a Khamaul!"

Guy2: (Shoots himself)

The Khamaul: Hey guys what up? I walk past that ice cream shop and gave the man in there a scary look! He looked scared! That'll teach him to bumfuck me!"

Guy1:(Prays to God) "Please God kill me!" (A huge rock from nowhere lands on Guy1 answering his pray)

by RationalTruth August 28, 2014
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