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More commonly spelled as Khalilah or Khalifa. It is a feminine arabic name that is commonly used for females (a more masculine version would be 'Khalil'). It has arabic origins that means 'best friend' , 'darling', 'dearly beloved', 'sweetheart', and 'loyal'. Khalilas tend to be wild and rough but could also be veru conservative at other. Those with those make very good partners in workforce, bussiness, relationships, and financial-wise. Very easy to befriend yet is also very easy to sulk so becareful with your words. They are easily swooned (except if they're aces or aros) and would be very loyal and true. As a friend, they are very active in engaging activites but could also be very introverted. Overall, Khalilas are known to achive far in life in their careers and life which would make them a very good person to surround yourself with.
"I'm envious of her, look at Khalila go!"
"Despite everything that Khalila had been through, she still remained loyal to him,"
"Need myself a Khalila!"
by Kay Zee April 22, 2018
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A girl who can be totally crazy but at the same time has one of the BEST personalities. She can be a bit of a fangirl at times but her friends love her for it.
Khalila is one of the funniest people I know
by HERRO!! May 26, 2018
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