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While telling a story, one will completely stretch the truth to the point that the once true story becomes fiction. Most common in situations where people witnessed the original event first hand, yet the khalidggerator will still try to convince them of his version of the story.
Khalidggerator: "sweet, i won the NCAA pool"

person1: "nice, how much did you win?"

Khalidggerator: "3 million dollars"

person2: "really? thats weird. I was in the pool too and i only lost 5 dollars... and there were only 5 people in the pool."

Khalidggerator: "yeah, exactly. i won 3 million dollars!"

person1: "I sure wish you wouldnt khalidggerate so much."

Khalidggerator: "yeah... you're right... i'm such a douche."

by s_bag April 03, 2007
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