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Khaister is a new breed of pokemon introduced informally in 2010. Khaister is typically yellow and resembles the figure of an alien. It walks on two legs and is generally taller than most other pokemons. Although Khaister is physically enticing, one should use caution because of it's hostile nature. Khaisters most well known special ability is to crack unbelievably funny jokes that can make virtually everyone laugh uncontrollably. (This power is enhanced with the absorption any kinds of alcohol.) This is also the time when Khaister will launch it's full on cake attack to block it's opponents vision, then body slam them to their defeat. The soure of the cake is still unknown. Khaister's weakness is his nose as it has been discovered that it is extremely sensitive, during the daytime, & it's fear of Snorlax. Khaister is very scarce and is generally found in gutters, specifically in Vietnam and southern parts of te United States. You can also find Khaisters in the wild. Khaiser is one of the most difficult pokemons to catch, but once caught it will become as sweet as the frosting on his attack cakes and will use it's exceptional ability of humor to make you happy.
I'm determined to catch a Khaister this weekend!
by Kill Sang December 09, 2010
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