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An Ultima Online based server that is free of cost and roleplay enforced. It stresses community first, roleplaying second, and mechanics third. It's essentially a smaller MMORPG, but the relatively limited community does not detract from the entertainment value. It very much builds on what was good about old school Ultima Online while maintaining its value as a fantastic medium for roleplay.

Khaeros boasts:

- Customized systems including a unique level and skill system that encourages character development rather than mind numbing grinds. Hunting in groups in encouraged and beneficial.

- A completely customized map as well as monthly releases that enable players to apply for world changes. Players may submit world change applications to change an aspect of the map - from constructing a small fence to building a massive fortress wall. Nearly anything is possible with the right resources and roleplay.

- Six unique races that enhance the world lore, as well as a dynamic relationship between the races that provide a conflict driven storyline. Two nations and numerous organizations, all seeking power over the rest through military and political means.

- A fair staff that rarely has to arbitrate over the friendly and tightly knit community of players.

It requires an application to play that must be approved by a member of staff and shows that you are competent and mature enough to play.
Applicant: What is Khaeros?
Player: Khaeros is a dedicated roleplaying server.
by nobodyimportant453 February 17, 2011
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