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A Kgosi Is A Great Guy/Gal He likes To laugh , Some Kgosi’s are Rich Girls Like Him But Also Hate Him He can Rage and Be Salty But Not as Much as a Nathan , an Alex or an Ethan

He/She Likes to play games and can sometimes like games a bit to much but he would Quit anything For Love

If A Kgosi Loves You Then He/She Always Will Love you Never Leave your side If A Kgosi Has Been in love with you Just Know you’ll have a special place in their heart (Some More Love Than others

A Kgosi Is Loyal. A Kgosi is kind. A Kgosi is A bit Cute (Girls and Guys can not argue with that)

He/she Wants To Have First Everything’s , but he/she won’t rush it

He/she loves to prank people but he/she loves to sleep more than anything

Hes/shes A Christian

He/she will Do a anything

Like Challenges And Dares
A Kgosi a lover Not a Fighter But is also a Daredevil
by Everyonelovesthetruthlokethiso October 12, 2018
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Kgosi is a man of many words, jokes he is a shy little bitch who wants dick in his ass cause that’s gay and he likes being gay.

“I Don’t like girls because they like dick and that’s gay”- Kgosi 2018

Facts about Kgosi:
He is a man of many cocks
He loves being spanked
(He says he feels like his dad is back home)

How to identify Kgosi
Shout Kgosi Kgosi Kgosi and clap
Did you see that gay fag Kgosi
by JACK1246472662 February 27, 2018
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