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Home of the Red Raiders. Probably one of the worst high schools in Monmouth county. Union beach kids come to KHS, grades 9-12. Most kids are uneducated, teachers can't do their jobs right, the lunch sucks and the only decent thing was a chicken patty, but not for $2.25. The school looks like a fucking castle and hasn't been rebuilt since it was originally built in the 30s. You'll pass out in the summer time in class because it's over 100 degrees and there's no air conditioning. It's rather easy and some of the teachers are cool. Most kids think it's cool to talk back to the teachers and start fights with them and give them a hard time. There's a basic group of gothic kids that wear all black and don't talk to anyone. You got your jocks that smoke weed and drink every weekend when their parents are out for the night. The preppy cheerleaders that think their hotter then everyone else. The skater kids that are actually not bad. Then there's just some straight up tools that have no friends and think their extremely cool and tough, but literally everyone hates them. Once you begin 9th grade in KHS, you have to start drinking and smoking or you won't be cool or fit in. Everyone knows each other. And oh if you drive to school, you have to park on a street in front of someone's house because there's no parking lot for students. There has to be like over 8 inches of snow for the school to be closed. If your from Union Beach and plan on going to KHS, go to Red Bank Regional instead.
Guy 1; yo bro is that a fucking castle?

Guy 2; nah dude that's Keyport high school
by Trufflebutter123 April 14, 2015
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