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Once a very popular New Jersey shore sight. Back in the 1960's it was more popular than Point Pleasant or Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey. In the Mid 1960's a huge hurricane totally wrecked the beach. Tore away most of its shoreline, tore away its boardwalk and amuesment park. Like Asbury Park, its now forgotten. No one goes there, unless the want to be by themselves or go to the park. And at night its where alot of people smoke and deal drugs.

The Boardwalk used to connect to Laurence Harbor and Keyport. The Boardwalk used to reach all the way to Sandy Hook.

There was talk of bringing back this forgotten town.
Person One: Where do you live.
Person Two: Cliffwood Beach.
Person One: Where!?!?
Person Two: You knows its by Laurence Harbor, Keyport, Union Beach and Keansburg.
Person One: Nope, Never heard of Cliffwood Beach.
Person Two: Dude, its part of Aberdeen and Old Bridge!
by Princess Doe February 10, 2009
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