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Someone who pretends to be another person or claims to have gained certain accomplishments via internet (esp. social networking site comments) of which have not been proven to be gained in his/her actual life.

Also (derived from) Keyboard fraud
Example 1

Keyfraud: I hope you know that I am the owner of this site and I can have your account deleted if you keep talking shit

User1: Yeah sure you're the owner, prove it!

Example 2

Keyfraud: you don't know shit about how to fight. I have a 10th degree blackbelt in kyokushin karate and I have trained mma for 15 years and I've won competitions around the world. The shit you showed in this video wouldn't work in a real fight

User1: yeah right, how about you upload a video and prove that by showing us what you've won, anyone can type shit up through a keyboard
by R19H92 February 27, 2013
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