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One who is a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. From the southern pronunciation of "cadet".

Keydets may be identified by their propensity to use the word "dyke" after most nouns, obsessive use of chewing tobacco and confusion when confronted with the am/pm system of time.

Keydets can be found in the wild at almost any frat house in Virginia on any given weekend during which they are not required to swaddle at the comforting tit of the Institute.
If confronted with a wild Keydet, be cautious. Females are attracted to the class white and grey blouse uniforms like rabid, vagina-throwing raccoon. Also be aware that they run in packs known as "brother rats" and are looking for the measliest of excuses to fuck up a frat house.
"Who's that guy with a fat lip that called that guy a rat?" "Oh that's a Keydet!"

"Dude, my girlfriend literally just had sex with this guy IN FRONT OF ME while we were at dinner- I can't compete with that Keydet swag."
by BeeAreEff April 29, 2014
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A cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. Since it's the south, it was pronounced keydet. They are bad asses and steal all of our hott chicks.
My girlfriend dumped me for one of those keydets because he's hardcore.
by 04djvmi April 02, 2005
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