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Kevina is the female version of the male Name "Kevin" If you find someone named kevina you should keep her she is a beautiful, strong and very poetic soul. She's very misunderstood but will understand you to the core. She can be emotional but will never show it and when she falls in love, she will fall hard!
Did y'all see Kevina today, she looked so upet?
by lilshawdee1987 November 23, 2012
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Is often a girls name, symbolizes for the most amazing, caring, understanding person on Earth. Often obsessed with food and has trust issues. The Kevina chooses the people who she trusts really carefully, once you get to know her really well she is one of the best friends that will never leave you. The Kevina has wild and crazy ideas that will turn out to be really good memories, she will often surprise you and cheer you up at worst times. Kevina should be the favorite name on Earth
by XD_DC is the best December 30, 2016
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