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KevinTThoms is a free speech youtuber. He has been suspended and close to banned for speaking his mind, but impersonating others and being offensive at the same time. Whether or not this repeated suspension of kevin is being helped by the flaggots is still being debated. In my eyes, he is a comedy god, but in others he is nothing but a douchebag. Things he hates include Jessi Slaughter's dad, Onision/onion fucker, CBS news, Pokemon hating priests and so on and so on.
KevinTThoms: If you swear or talk about vulgar things, that means your either a prostitute or your affiliated with a gang. I can't believe how many fucking people actually believe that shit. So guess what, if you've sworn recently Big-D and his boys will come pick you up in about one hour...
by UD tells me not to use my name September 01, 2010
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