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The ratio of the utility gained from something to the skill required to gain said utility. If something is easy and useful, it has a high Kevin Coefficient. If something is more useful, but disproportionally more difficult to use, it has a lower Kevin Coefficient.

In video games, things with a high Kevin coefficient are commonly spammed by noobs, who would rather do mediocre with something easy than learn how to win with something harder.
Bob: We've got a frozen pizza in here, or we could make lasagna...

Kevin: Let's make the pizza, It's easy, and relatively good.
(Thus pizza has a higher Kevin Coefficient than lasagna)

Landon: You're never going to win using nothing but Pikachu down-B and downsmash.

Kevin: But I'll always get second, and it's way easier than learning to time things with a better character.
(Thus, Pikachu has a very high Kevin Coefficient)
by Reizouko June 15, 2009
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