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Basically the guy with the biggest dick ever and gets all the sexiest and beautifulest girls.He's the most sexiest, cutest, and handsomest. He knows how to have fun and know how to fuck hard. He gets the most girls in the school and has the greatest humor. He is also the most romanticist guy ever to know. He will always be their for you and do the most amazing things with you. He's also the greatest sports player. He will be the greatest boyfriend ever. He is the guy you want to marry.
Brianna: I fucked Kevin Cho last night, and his dick was sooooo huge.
Megan: Now I want to get fucked by him.
MacKenzie: He's also sexy, cute, and handsome.
Brianna: I know, I wish he was mine.
Megan and MacKenzie: Sammmmmeeee.
by MKP-1112 November 05, 2013
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