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Originates from the Granite City also known as Aberdeen.

practically lives outside and goes about asking people for spare change so that he can buy illegal narcotics, he often hangs about town and would walk about aimlessly doing nothing but ask people for money. Famous for always being fucked on ketamine and singing. Most common words heard by kyle are = "look at the state of you", "have you got any spare change for me?" and other phrases populated by many junkies.
M - "shan no way is that Ketamine Kyle?"
T - "haha no way it is"
T - "oi Ketamine Kyle how you doin?"
Kyle - "look at the state of you"
T - "look at the state of you, you have like two teeth"
Kyle - "fuck off min"
M - "shan what a stinker"
by AsdaMann March 14, 2018
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